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According to the Office for National Statistics, dementia is now the leading cause of death in England and Wales, replacing cardiovascular disease.  And dementia can no longer be considered a disease process that occurs only in old age, people are now becoming affected in their 40s and 50s.


To date, no medication has been developed that makes any lasting difference or improvement to symptoms. However, research has been carried out in the States that has demonstrated that a programme involving diet and lifestyle intervention may  prevent, support and in some cases reverse cognitive decline.

Research has revealed that there are many underlying imbalances and interactions involved in the pathogenesis of dementia and cognitive decline.  Hence, an approach that works to maintain balance of the body's systems can be more appropriate than drugs.


A personalised diet and lifestyle programme to optimise cognitive health using research-based techniques to prevent, support and reverse early-onset cognitive decline.

Who is this programme for?

This programme is for anyone wishing to learn how to protect their mental health and well being and prevent cognitive decline. If you experience brain fog, poor memory, anxiety, low mood, stress, inability to concentrate, have poor focus, or you are concerned about your risk of cognitive decline, then this is for you.

You may be healthy now, but have family members with cognitive decline and you want to optimise your health for a better old age.

You may be already experiencing symptoms of cognitive decline and want to support yourself to help prevent any further decline.

You may be a carer or family member who wants to support a loved one with cognitive decline.

You may be in a high risk group for dementia and want to optimise your health now to enter old age fit and well.

How will I benefit?

By implementing my recommendations you will achieve self-empowerment over your health and freedom from fear. 

You may find that your thinking is clearer and your brain-fog lifted. 

As this programme works by supporting the eradication of underlying causes of cognitive decline, you may find that other chronic degenerative issues, such as diabetes, obesity, arthritis, cardiovascular and digestive issues also improve.

What can I expect?

Your programme will typically take 4-5 months to complete and we will meet at regular intervals (usually every 3 weeks) to explore underlying imbalances and nutrient deficiencies that may be influencing your health.

You will be asked to complete a pre-programme nutrition and lifestyle questionnaire.  This will form the basis and start point for your programme. 

I will advise on the best foods to include in your diet, and how to include them easily and with minimal fuss.

I use everyday foods that are all available at your local supermarket.  I don't ask you to include any hard-to-source "superfoods" unless you are specifically interested in including these.

As well as nutrition, your programme will include information on how to improve your sleep and reduce the harmful implications of stress, and recommendations for exercise - both for your body and brain.

You will get full support, including eating plans, seasonal recipes, informational handouts, weekly review of food and lifestyle diaries and email support throughout your programme.

How much does it cost?

Your programme cost is £475

Payment plans are available

Are there any extras?

Sometimes it is necessary to carry out diagnostic tests. Supplements may also be required.  Both incur additional costs and are of course optional, but can often be of benefit.  I will discuss any requirement fully in order for you to make an informed decision about testing and supplements. 

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