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5 Myths About Working With A Nutritional Therapist

Here I'm debunking common myths about working with me. How many did you think were true?

1. You will never eat cake again

Yes, you can have your cake and eat it! But sometimes during our time working together it can be beneficial to give it up, to give your body a chance to heal, rebalance and re-nourish itself.

Then you can embrace the 80:20 rule – if you eat healthily for 80% of your meals, then there is room for a meal of two of something that you really fancy.

I also find that as my clients start to feel better, they naturally start choosing healthier options, and their cravings for foods like cake and chocolate start to diminish. Feeling strong, energised and free of symptoms is a great motivator!

2. I will make you eat food you don’t like

No! All my clients have foods they don’t like, or they can’t eat due to intolerances or allergies.

I will find alternative foods for you to eat if there is a nutrient that I particularly want you to focus on. For example, if I recommend that a client should increase there omega-3 fatty acids but they don’t like oily fish like salmon, then I can recommend nuts and seeds, or avocado instead. I will tell you how much of these foods to eat and give you ways to include these in your eating plan.

3. I will put you on a diet

No! I never ask you to reduce your food to an extent that it becomes a calorie-controlled diet. Diets don’t work. And I never talk about calories.

Instead, I look at the balance of protein, fat and carbohydrate you are eating, and make subtle changes that can have big effects on your health and weight.

Nutritional Therapy is focused on finding the underlying causes of your symptoms or condition. It is not merely about weight loss. If you can’t lose weight there is likely to be an imbalance hindering your efforts. This could be an underactive thyroid, IBS symptoms like constipation, stress or a hormone imbalance.

4. It’s all about supplements

No! Nutritional therapy focuses on how food can improve your health and make you feel amazing.

I always start with making changes to your current food choices to see what effect this has on your symptoms.

However, when supplements are used therapeutically, they can give fast and effective results. They are targeted to a specific condition or health goal.

An example of when I use a supplement is when nutrient deficiencies have been identified via testing (eg, you GP blood test shows low levels of B12 or folate). Then a supplement could be used to boost levels in the short term.

This can be a minefield if you are buying supplements yourself – it’s potentially dangerous and inevitably costly. Working with me means any supplements I recommend are targeted, correct and have been checked for interactions with any medications you are taking.

5. You’ll just give me a generic eating plan and that’s it

No! Nutritional Therapy takes a very personal approach. You are ‘biochemically unique’. That means that there isn’t a single way of eating that is right for everyone.

Sandra might have PMS and you want to lose weight, for example. Sandra might have a history of antibiotic use, while you had your appendix out when you were 14. Sandra might have an intolerance to dairy, while you hate strawberries. I could go on, but you can imagine the thousands of different permutations here.

And the fact is that your DNA, previous medical history, and any current symptoms as well as what you like and don’t like, not to mention your personal circumstances are all important when I create a plan for you.

Your eating plan is personalised just for you. That takes both time and skill. You could download something from the internet – if you knew what you were looking for – but it is not the same.

If I have put your mind at rest and you are considering working with me, you can book your free Health Review HERE During your 30 minute call, you will be able to tell me a little about what is happening for you right now, and see if we are a good fit for working together to improve your symptoms and your overall health.



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