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Healthy Low Carb Christmas Cake

This cake was devised for Christmas cake covers who don't want to upset their energy balance - traditional cake is very heavy on dried fruit! Note that because the cake has a low sugar and alcohol content, it will not keep for more than a week but can be frozen.


170 pitted prunes

115g dried apple rings

115g dried apricots

50ml brandy or tea

1 small apple, washed and grated

Zest and juice of 1 orange

1tsp ground ginger

1⁄2 tsp ground cinnamon

1⁄2 tsp fresh grated nutmeg

1tsp vanilla extract

170g soft butter

85g xylitol

4 medium eggs

85g ground almonds

85g rice flour

1tsp gluten free baking powder


The day before you make the cake, chop the dried fruit into a bowl and pour over the brandy / tea. Leave overnight, stirring as you are passing / when you can.

Line a 20cm deep cake tin with a double layer of greaseproof paper.

Set the oven to 160C(150C fan)/ gas mark 2.

Cream the butter and xylitol, then stir in the chopped fruit, orange zest and grated apple.

Add the vanilla and spices and beat the eggs in, one at a time. Don’t worry if it looks a bit curdled.

Stir in the ground almonds, rice flour and baking powder thoroughly.

Finally stir in the juice from half the orange to start with, adding more if necessary to make a soft consistency.

Pour into the cake tin and level the top. Tie a double thickness of baking paper around the outside with string.

Bake for 1 .5 – 2 hours until a skewer comes out clean. If the top is getting too dark, put a piece of foil over it.

As soon as it is cool enough to touch, put a piece of foil tightly over the top and leave until completely cold - this softens the top of the cake. Remove from the tin and wrap in a double thickness of foil to store


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