January Jumpstart 28 Day Group Healthy Eating and Weight Loss Challenge

I'm really excited to be running a fabulous New Year Group Challenge!!

January Jumpstart 28 Day Group Healthy Eating and Weight Loss Challenge!

Start Date: 25th January 2021

End Date: 28th February 2021

The BEST time for new beginnings is NOW!!!

This is an online healthy eating and weight loss challenge, run via a private Facebook Group.

If you feel the need to press the RESET button after a tough 2020, give your body and your health the best start to the New Year by joining me on my January Jumpstart 28 Day Group Challenge.

If you want to eat more healthily but your good intentions never make it past the first day, then this challenge is for you!

With the support of a professional nutrition expert, this 28 day online programme comes with a fabulously simple, mix-and-match, delicious menu plan including ‘real’ and satisfying ingredients that are designed to boost weight loss, improve immune health and increase energy levels!!

The eating plan is based on real unprocessed whole foods, low starchy carbohydrates, good complex carbohydrates, lean protein and healthy fats.

NO syns, NO points, NO unhealthy shakes, and NO calorie counting allowed!

It is NOT a faddy diet but supports you in adopting a healthy eating plan for life.

So what is included?

*** A flexible meal planner, shopping list and all recipes (family friendly)

*** Accessible anytime, anywhere, via a private Facebook Group, so it's easy to manage even with a busy schedule - access on your tablet or smartphone, or print out

*** Exclusive online access to expert nutrition advice and support through the Group

*** Facebook Q&A to deal with any questions or challenges

*** Support of a fabulous online community via the private Facebook Group

*** Health and Energy questionnaire at beginning and completion of the challenge

*** Early Bird price of £49 up to 12th January!! ***

Standard Cost: £59

(Costs are + booking fee)

So, what's stopping you??!!

Book now and get healthy and energised for 2021!!!

To secure your place you can book HERE

or contact me:

annali@annalicourtnutrition.co.uk, 07725 744244


This is what previous participants of the challenges have said:

Claire said “The biggest changes for me were eating regular meals and snacks throughout the day and of course the prepping! I did NOT feel hungry which is great so I’m not constantly thinking about food because I feel very satisfied. Generally, felt good, training has been easier, running is getting faster and sleeping well. I have lost weight and body fat. If you are thinking of doing the Challenge, just do it! It’s easy to follow, the food is really tasty, and the results prove it works.

Sarah said: I have truly loved every minute of it. It is easy to follow, packed full of delicious recipes that are easy to prepare. My energy levels have improved hugely, sleep is better and after 3 weeks I am delighted with the amount of body fat I have lost. Annali offers support and encouragement throughout. I can't wait for the next programme to begin. I will not be going back to the way I ate before.

Rachel said “... DO IT! I feel better for it in so many ways: fitter, lighter, healthier. It’s about putting you first and getting in balance”

Gillian said ”...the camaraderie and support of the group on good days and maybe not so good days was always there and always spurred you on. Other people’s food creations and the exchange of where to buy stuff etc etc was brilliant. True strength in numbers for sure!!!”

Click below to secure your place!

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