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M.H . Portsmouth

"I couldn't live the way I was, and help from the NHS had dried up. I reached out to Annali, and from the start I found her welcoming and assuring. We discussed viable options for how to tackle my symptoms and dived into assessing the damage my gut was in. After a few tests we had results which gave us information to act on. Although I am still 'recovering' I feel like I am getting back to normal.  I would recommend it to anyone, I just wish I had done it sooner. At the end of the day, if you have a dodgy knee or hip, then you see the specialist. I had a dodgy gut - Annali is the specialist. Thanks Annali for all your help! "

L.N . Hayling Island

Annali is friendly and knowledgeable. She was able to clearly explain the importance of eating a nutritionally balanced diet and the impact it has, not only on digestion, but on energy levels, joint and bone health and hormonal balance. She has provided a summary of each consultation as well as hand outs and menu plans. After years of putting up with adverse symptoms and thinking nothing would make a difference Annali's support and advice has been great. Thank you

K.R . Hampshire

" I visited Annali Court to see if she could help with the issues I had partly due to my age, 54, and weight and skin problems too. After completing her comprehensive medical, food and past health questionnaire and further conversations with Annali, she explained what was possibly causing my skin problems and difficulty in losing weight. She also offered a solution to finding out what made my hot flushes even worse. 

Annali recommended some dietary changes and a pattern of eating to help with the issues and gave me a better understanding of how my nutritional past was affecting life now. I followed her recommendations and very quickly noticed a change in my skin and a massive reduction in the severity of my hot flushes. I started losing weight too. 

It is now 10 months later and I feel healthy, my skin is great and I have easily maintained the initial weight loss of over a stone with more still coming off slowly. My energy levels are better, which is great as I am self employed. I eat regularly, which is something I had not been doing, still following the recommendations Annali made. The consultations with Annali gave me the understanding and tools to help take control of the issues which were dragging me down and move forward. I also avoided the chemical solutions often offered by GP's. Being a 50+ woman is no longer an issue! "

S.P . Southampton

"Annali provides a superb nutritional therapy service. Her approach is friendly ,non faddy and easy to follow .She provides some excellent recipes and tips to keep you on track, as well as supplying supporting information for the diet that she has recommended. She is always on hand to advise if you are struggling or stuck . Some of the health issues that I had before visiting Annali have gone and others are improving and I know will continue to if I stick to the eating plan. A 5-star service!"

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