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My personal story

Before I discovered nutrition, and from the age of 12,  I was either on a diet, between diets or constantly thinking about diets. 


My distorted body image ruled my world.  The scales dictated my mood on a daily basis.  Lost a pound? Yes! Euphoria, I am happy, confident, buzzing.  If the scales hadn’t budged or I had put on a pound, then a cloud of doom surrounded me.  Anger, sadness and depression consumed me. My perception of my weight interfered with how I interacted with the world and with other people. 

I was stuck in a perpetual loop of diet, lose a bit, stop diet, put on a bit and then a bit more, go back on a diet, and so on. 


I was tired of this way of living. It sapped my energy and was making me unhealthy.  Not only was my weight increasing on a yearly basis, but I was collecting health issues too.


I had constipation for years, my skin was dry and my hair wouldn’t grow.  My body was suffering from the physiological stress of the dieting and the malnourishment that came with it. I had chronic restless legs – every night for over 10 years.  This affected my sleep enormously.  I was a light sleeper and was suffering from low energy as a consequence (and weight gain I now know!).  I had a low level of depression which I kept hidden.  This way of life was draining. 

I felt like a failure for not being slim and full of energy.  I had tried every diet going and had reached a point where I was totally overwhelmed with the number of choices regarding dieting – which one should I choose next?  Will this one work?  I was obsessed with diets and food.  I knew the calorific value of every food I put in my mouth.  I avoided fat like the plague.  But this didn’t stop me from piling on weight, failing at diets, and making myself ill. 

Being pregnant with my son gave me the ultimate excuse to overeat, and I put on 4 stone. I was mortified, what had I done to myself?


I knew something had to change and having another human being to care for was the catalyst for change within me.  There had to be another way.  This time, I knew I had to do something different – I did not want to pass on my unhealthy habits to my son, I wanted to set a good example around food so he didn’t suffer the same issues as I had.

Being at home with my baby son gave me time to think about my life, my health and where it was heading.  I wanted to retrain so I could work around school and being a mum. 

I found my nutrition course and it changed my life. 

One of the first steps was to be a client for a year 3 nutrition student on my course.  She explained how I was eating in a way that was making me unhealthy and causing my issues with my weight.  She pointed out where I was going wrong, gave me some recommendations for how to eat and I have not looked back. 

What she told me was a revelation! 

I began to look at my food as a means of nourishment and how it could support my health issues. 

These are the health issues that I had BEFORE I changed my diet:

Weight gain

Dry skin and hair – it just wouldn’t grow!


Food intolerances (eggs, dairy it turns out)

Low energy

Poor sleep – difficulty getting to sleep, staying asleep and getting good quality sleep

Restless leg syndrome

Inflammation and chronic pain from an operation (just take pain killers they said…)

Mood swings

Stress and anxiety (sometimes it was 24/7)

Food cravings (especially carbs like pasta, bread, pastry)

PMS – depression, bloating, pain, skin breakouts, headaches, heavy periods

Mild depression and brain fog

Low iron, B12 and magnesium (and probably everything else too)


I no longer suffer with these health issues!!  I had accepted them as a normal part of life but when I look back now, I really wish I had found nutritional therapy a lot sooner!  I now know that you don’t have to accept these health niggles as your normal. 

My NEW improved normal is now:

Lots of energy

No food cravings and I don't constantly think about food (despite being a nutritionist!)


No restless legs

Fabulous sleep – generally 7-8 hours deep sleep every night

Stable weight

Optimised nutrient levels

Glowing skin and hair that grows!

Good digestive health – not alternating between constipation and diarrhoea

Balanced mood, feelings of contentment and happiness

No anxiety and I deal with stress easily  (I still have stress in my life but I handle it better)

A healthy relationship with my body

My message to you is this:  You don't have to accept your weight  and health issues.   There is another way.  A way that nourishes and celebrates your body.  Your body is  amazing – treat it with love and affection, feed it nourishing, healthy foods.  Feed it food it flourishes on. 

Stop depriving your body of the nutrients that will help keep your weight stable, your mood elevated and your energy levels bouncing. 

You don't have to accept your weight and health issues

I can give you what you need to help you on your own health journey.  Book your free health review call  and we can discuss what’s going on for you and how we can improve things together.

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Your Health Review Call

Book your FREE 30 minute health review call with me - your first step to improved health, amazing energy and feeling happy! 

Why work with me?

My personal experience tells me that many healthy eating plans fail for a few reasons.  They can lack the encouragement and support you need to make lifelong, sustainable changes.  They can also be too restrictive (and boring!) to continue in the long-term.  We are also constantly bombarded with mixed and fake messages about what constitutes healthy eating, the latest fad diet or food phase, or even encouraged to eat this week’s must have “superfood”. I also have years of personal experience of eating healthily whilst also feeding my family.  It's easy to eat healthily when you know how to shop for, prepare and cook in a simple way that caters for the whole family.  No more cooking multiple meals every night!

Every one of us is unique.  There is no one-size-fits-all solution.

Trying to find what works for you can be time-consuming and frustrating.  You’re already feeling less than your best and now you have to wade through all the nutrition information to find what works for you. You start your new eating regimen but don’t see any improvements to your health, energy or wellbeing.


Here is where I can help. My mission is to empower you to eat in a way that includes those specific foods and nutrients that your body requires to work at its best. I can help you incorporate those foods into your daily eating plan to support your unique biochemistry, your lifestyle and nutritional needs and preferences. 

I firmly believe that eating well (and feeling well) should be about celebrating fresh, wholesome, flavoursome food. Food that you not only enjoy, but that truly nourishes your body from within, leaving you feeling happier, healthier, energized and with a zest for life. And it shouldn't have to be hard work.  

Mood and Energy Program

With the right nutrition, you can achieve optimal energy, reduce your aches and pains and experience feelings of wellbeing that allow you to be the best that you can be

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Womens Health Program

Rebalance your hormones and take back control of your life.

If you suspect thyroid issues, oestrogen dominance, blood sugar imbalance, or you are struggling with PMS or menopause then this is for you.

Weight Management

You’ve tried every diet going, your weight yo-yos, you need a lifelong solution

Digestive Health &
Food Intolerances

Chances are you’ve suffered with symptoms of IBS, including bloating and pain for some time. 

Together, we can find the cause

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Free E-book! 

The Secret to Weight Loss in Your 40s - And Beyond

Download this guide and take the first step towards finding your happy weight in your 40s – and beyond.  If you want to say no to mid-life spread, this is where you’ll find expert tips that get real results.

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Empowering you to make lifelong nutritional changes for stable weight and a healthy body.  

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