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Book your free 30-min Hormone Health Review Call with me today
Rebalance your hormones
and take back control of your life


Do you feel like you are at the mercy of your hormones?

Are you on a roller coaster of hormonal ups and downs?

Do you suffer from PMS symptoms?

Have you hit 40, and now you feel like a stranger in your own body?

Do you feel tired all the time and have problems sleeping?

Do you struggle to control food cravings and your weight?

Do you find it hard to focus, and suffer from “brain fog”?

If you answered YES to any of the questions above, it’s not you – it’s your hormones!

You don't need to accept this!

These problems are not ones that we just need to accept - at any stage of our lives.  The right nutrition can support hormonal balance,  allowing you to be the best that you can be.  Hormone imbalance is not an inevitable part of being a woman, so it's good to know that you can do something about it.

Your Hormone Health Review Call

Book your free 30 minute Hormone Health Review Call with me, to find out how I can help you rebalance your hormones, take back control of your body, and find your life again!

Whether you are in peri-menopause (the years running up to menopause) or you are post-menopausal, hormone imbalances can cause havoc

My Hormone Restore program is a personalised nutritional programme dedicated to supporting the health of your hormones and bringing them back into line.


This program is for you if you suffer from any of the following:




Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

Menopausal Symptoms (hot flushes, night sweats, anxiety, depression)

Thyroid Problems (under-active, over-active, hashimotos)

Blood Sugar Imbalance

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Free E-book! 

The Secret to Weight Loss in Your 40s - And Beyond

Download this guide and take the first step towards finding your happy weight in your 40s – and beyond.  If you want to say no to mid-life spread, this is where you’ll find expert tips that get real results.

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