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Weight Management
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Intelligent Weight Loss - Putting Your Health First

Conventional, mainstream diets don’t work.  You know that – that’s why you are here.

What you need, is something fresh, empowering, and that god damn works!  Something that you can feel passionate and confident about.

My weight management program will give you an understanding of what your body needs to find its forever weight.


It will give you an understanding of why low calorie, low fat, starvation diets don’t work.


You need a way that allows you and your body to relax.  We all feel better when we are calm, and your body feels the same. 


You will be eating in a way that means your body doesn’t have to hold on to fat, creating an environment where your body can literally let go of it.


I have created fabulous recipe books that are the basis of your new way of eating.  You won’t need to guess what to eat.  It’s full of easy to prepare recipes using everyday supermarket ingredients – you won’t need to source some faddy superfood from darkest Peru!


You will be embarking on a new, improved way of eating.  It will nourish your mind, body and soul. You will feel satisfied and fulfilled with your food.  It won’t be on your mind constantly, freeing you for more important things, like getting on with your life! 


You will need to make changes, but you will feel in control.  And I will be with you every step of the way.   I will empower you to make sustainable, lifelong changes that are family friendly and easy to implement on a daily basis. You will have confidence around food, and you will learn how to shop for, prepare and cook food effortlessly and with ease, every day. 

You will also learn how shopping for, preparing and cooking food is fundamental for deep nourishment of your body.  You will learn that when to eat is as important as what you eat.  Giving your food this levels of attention really is self-care.

Your relationship with food will be one of ease and confidence.

It’s empowering.

It's the start of lifelong healthy habits.

I will support and guide you throughout your transformation.  I have done this myself, and I know that having someone on your side is worth its weight in gold.  I cook healthy meals for my family every day and I know how to keep everyone happy!

If your dieting days are ready to come to an end, then let’s have a chat about getting started.  Book in your call HERE

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Free Assessment Call

Book your free 30 minute assessment call with me, to find out how I can help you quit dieting and eat for healthly, sustainable, lifelong weight loss

A Bespoke Weight Loss Plan Designed For You

My weight loss program is a unique individualised food plan designed just for you.  It is based on your current health status, lifestyle and importantly, the foods you like.  It is not a short term reduced-calorie diet, but rather a sustainable, optimal eating plan for life.  

Experience tells me that health issues such as hormone imbalance, digestive issues, stress and nutrient deficiencies all have a part to play in our inability to lose weight and sustain our new weight.  We will explore these together to make sure nothing is standing in your way of reaching your health and weight loss goals.

Read about a recent Client Success Story HERE

Working with me you will discover a sustainable way to lose weight that:

increases your energy

reduces your sugar cravings 

supports digestive issues

improves your sleep

helps you cope with stress

reduces menopausal hot flushes

improves joint and muscle pain

increases your mental clarity

improves your mood and emotional balance

makes you feel happy and confident about the way you look

and means you won’t need to diet again – ever

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Free E-book! 

The Secret to Weight Loss in Your 40s - And Beyond

Download this guide and take the first step towards finding your happy weight in your 40s – and beyond.  If you want to say no to mid-life spread, this is where you’ll find expert tips that get real results.

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