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Book your free 30-min Health Review Call with me today
My programs are designed around you

Each one is a personalised solution to support you on your journey to long lasting optimal health and weight.  I will empower you to make lifelong changes.

All my programs are available via Skype/Zoom

Working Together

Customised eating plans and a support program of accountability and motivation, along with my extensive knowledge of nutrition and how to fit it into family life, means you are in safe hands. 

We’ve got this – together.

I'm here to support you

My programs are a partnership with a shared goal - your wellness!  It takes time and commitment from both of us which is why I work with my clients for a minimum of 3 months.  From experience I know that a one-off consultation is unlikely to help you and gives me no professional satisfaction! Making changes to your diet is not only about what to eat, but how to incorporate it into family life - when we don't know how to do this, we don't make the changes sustainable.

Find out if my nutritional therapy programs are right for you by booking your 30-minute Free Health Review Call > Book Now >

Mood and Energy Program

With the right nutrition, you can achieve optimal energy, reduce your aches and pains and experience feelings of wellbeing that allow you to be the best that you can be

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Womens Health Program

Rebalance your hormones and take back control of your life.

If you suspect thyroid issues, oestrogen dominance, blood sugar imbalance, or you are struggling with PMS or menopause then this is for you.

Digestive Health &
Food Intolerances

Chances are you’ve suffered with symptoms of IBS, including bloating and pain for some time. 

Together, we can find the cause

Is this what you need right now?

If this is what you need right now, then please get in touch.  You can tell me about your health concerns, be they weight loss, IBS or menopause.

Weight Management

You’ve tried every diet going, your weight yo-yos, you need a lifelong solution

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Free E-book! 

The Secret to Weight Loss in Your 40s - And Beyond

Download this guide and take the first step towards finding your happy weight in your 40s – and beyond.  If you want to say no to mid-life spread, this is where you’ll find expert tips that get real results.

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