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You want to be healthier...
Right now you feel tired, run down, hormones wreaking havoc, digestive issues you could really do without, aches and pains that you worry about.


Being healthy is easier said than done in an age of fake news, media hype and the bombardment of quick fixes that promise you the world, but deliver nothing!  All this, and you are busy.  You have other more important things on your mind that leave you with little energy for looking after yourself. 

But you still want to feel energised, revitalised, calm, stress free, symptom free.  This is where I can help you cut through the broken promises and give you the nutritional answers you are looking for.  I know from personal experience, and watching my clients improve their health, that making small changes to your nutrition can have dramatic effects on your health.

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Book your free 20 minute discovery call with me, to find out how I can help you become healthier and happier!

Find out what actually works for you.

What you need is someone who can tell you what will work for you. I can do that.  I can show you what works, so you can get on with eating what is right FOR YOU.  I deliver personalised nutritional programs, taking the guesswork out of what YOU need.  Minimal fuss, easy to prepare meals, with everything worked out for you. You will literally be retraining your appetite.

Working with me, you will also get my support when you need it, plus lots of tips and tried and tested ways to change the habits that may have held you back in the past.  My approach is supportive, with evidence-based nutritional strategies to reduce your symptoms. 


And in some cases, eradicate them completely.

This takes time, so I don’t do one off consultations.  I work with you for a minimum of three or six months (depending on your health issues) to ensure you get the chance to fully integrate new eating habits, new foods and new recipes into your daily routine.  There is always room for a treat meal on special occasions on my plans, but you may find that your mindset has changed so much that you don’t crave what you used to.

Working with me on one of my programs you can expect to achieve:

More energy

Less stress and anxiety

Better digestive health

Balanced hormonal health

Glowing skin and stronger nails

Longer, more refreshing sleep

Is this what you need right now?

If this is what you need right now, then please get in touch.  You can tell me about your health concerns, be they weight loss, IBS or menopause.

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