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Festive Feel Good
Group Programme

This group programme has been created by Annali Court, a qualified nutritionist to help you 
achieve the following results:


  • introduce healthy new habits,

  • nourish your body with real food and fresh ingredients,

  • reduce your toxic load, including alcohol, caffeine and sugar,

  • feel lighter, brighter and more energised,

  • lose weight and body fat in a healthy, sustainable way without counting calories,

and improve your body confidence.

You will be fully supported in a private Facebook group, with full instructions and a lovely recipe pack

Programme Cost: £75

Looking good and feeling fabulous isn’t just for Christmas. Get ready to look and feel your best for the festive season AND beyond.

Hit the New Year with your new healthy habits already in place by joining my 21 Day Festive Feel Good Healthy Eating Group Programme!

Adopt a healthy eating pattern that you can effortlessly take into 2022, feeling restored and with more vitality than you ever thought.


Help to get your body and energy levels sorted now (why wait for January 1st?) by following a nutritious meal plan designed to reset your metabolism, improve body composition, restore energy levels, balance your hormones and boost your immune system.

Want to jumpstart your weight loss and get more energy? 

The 21 Day Festive Feel Good Group Programme nourishes your body, helps you lose weight and boosts your health and energy without starving yourself
This 21 Day Group Programme includes:
  • A 21-day eating plan based on real, unprocessed whole foods, low starchy carbohydrates, good complex carbohydrates, lean protein, healthy fats. NO calorie counting allowed! 

  • Accessible anytime, anywhere via a private Facebook group this is a virtual plan that you can manage to suit your busy schedule.​

  • Exclusive online access through a private Facebook group to nutritional advice and support from Nutritional Therapist and Health Coach, Annali Court.

  • A programme support pack including a shopping list and recipes.

  • Facebook Q & A to deal with any questions or any challenges and weekly Facebook lives.

  • Support of a fabulous online Facebook group.

  • Easy, quick to prepare meals that are family friendly.

  • Digital book of recipes/meal plans: can be used on a smartphone, tablet or print out.

  • Health questionnaire at the beginning and completion of the 21-day plan.

Programme Cost: £75

It's about feeling great! Looking good will follow!

What previous participants of my group programmes have said:

Claire said “The biggest changes for me were eating regular meals and snacks throughout the day and of course the prepping! I did NOT feel hungry which is great so I’m not constantly thinking about food because I feel very satisfied. Generally, felt good, training has been easier, running is getting faster and sleeping well. I have lost weight and body fat. If you are thinking of doing the Challenge, just do it! It’s easy to follow, the food is really tasty, and the results prove it works."

Sarah said: "I have truly loved every minute of it. It is easy to follow, packed full of delicious recipes that are easy to prepare. My energy levels have improved hugely, sleep is better and after 3 weeks I am delighted with the amount of body fat I have lost. Annali offers support and encouragement throughout. I can't wait for the next programme to begin. I will not be going back to the way I ate before."

Rachel said “... DO IT! I feel better for it in so many ways: fitter, lighter, healthier. It’s about putting you first and getting in balance”


Gillian said ”...the camaraderie and support of the group on good days and maybe not so good days was always there and always spurred you on. Other people’s food creations and the exchange of where to buy stuff etc etc was brilliant. True strength in numbers for sure!!!”

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