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Client Success Story! IBS and Weight Loss

💥🎉👏 Client Success Story! – IBS and Weight Loss💥🎉👏

I have recently been working with a lady in her 40s who wanted to lose weight and get her IBS under control.

Initial symptoms included bloating, diarrhoea (up to 4X daily), daily indigestion and frequent belching and nausea. She was suffering from multiple food intolerances and had painful joints and skin issues. She also felt tired all the time, lacked motivation, had frequent headaches and didn’t feel in control of her eating. She also suffered from hay fever.

At her initial consultation I created a timeline of issues, identifying when these started and some possible triggers. A lot of the digestive issues had started in childhood, and these were likely to be impacting on all subsequent health issues throughout adulthood. As digestive health seemed to be triggering all other symptoms, including weight gain, I started with identifying her obvious problem foods straight away. She eliminated those, along with my recommendation to eliminate all wheat/gluten foods.

After two weeks, she reported a huge reduction in indigestion and the belching was much reduced, and nothing like it was. She told me that food was less on her mind and she was getting to grips with food cravings, which were mostly stress related. Although she was not weighing, she could feel a difference in her clothes, so had lost a little weight too! She also felt better in herself.

I recommended a digestive stool test to see what was happening in her gut. I wanted to check for infections and bacterial imbalances that could be causing the diarrhoea and bloating. Whilst waiting the for the results we worked on improving her food choices. She was relying on processed foods like sausages and burgers and I wanted her to reduce these as the low quality and additives and preservatives these contain can impact on gut and liver health, making weight loss more difficult. She swapped to eating more chicken and fish as her preferred protein sources.

The digestive test results showed that she had high inflammation in the gut which was likely being driven by an imbalance in her microbiome (gut bacteria). This can be linked to the digestive issues she was experiencing, along with weight gain. We worked on increasing plant foods and further reducing refined carbohydrates and sugary foods which were driving the inflammation and bacterial imbalance. I asked her to slowly increase her fibre intake to promote growth of beneficial bacteria. We also started to introduce foods to tackle the inflammation – oily fish, nuts and seeds, ginger, garlic, turmeric and coconut.

All of these changes to her diet took place over 3 months. She had a few set backs when life got in the way, but kept in contact with me throughout her programme so I could motivate and support her when she needed. Her fortnightly consultations with me meant we could move slowly, so the small changes she was making to her diet became habit without her feeling overwhelmed with the amount she had to do.

After 3 months she was delighted to tell me she had lost 2 stone in weight! An amazing achievement!! Her indigestion that she was experiencing daily was now only happening very occasionally. Her stomach was calmer and she no longer suffered from diarrhoea. The belching was almost completely under control and she felt so much better in herself. She had more energy and felt less stressed. She felt energised enough to start doing some exercise too!

She said she found the digestive stool test extremely motivating – seeing the results had spurred her on. She told me that her weight had been stopping her being the person she wanted to be, and she was now thinking about dating again!! She felt in control of food and her emotions now. How amazing is this lady!

Here’s what she wrote about her programme “I found changing my eating habits so much easier working with Annali. She provided the support and the knowledge I was looking for and kept me motivated when I needed it. My health has improved and I have lost weight. I know this will continue if I stick to the eating plan created for me. A great service!”

Improving your health takes time, dedication and support - all of which I can give you!

Speak to me about my health programs if this story resonates with you.

Make your health goals a reality ❤️ Annali xx

If you would like a chat about your health issues, or to find out more about my programmes, book your free Health & Weight Review Call HERE


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